Hello and Welcome to D&V Wines.

You are probably aware that we really dislike using paper, apart from when it is in a good book, and as such we do not use paper account forms at D&V. So rather than sending you complicated and intrusive account forms we ask you to complete this simple sign-up process and agree to our standard terms and conditions.

We use Xero for accounting purposes and will send e-invoices on the day your delivery is made. Ordering is completed simply by logging it to the correct account and choosing the number of cases required from your personalised order list. Private clients should be aware we only deliver full cases of 6 or 12 depending on the product and that payment will be processed at the time of order. We deliver 5 days a week Monday to Friday with special deliveries available for special events such as weddings etc.

Multiple Operators

If you are a multiple operator you will need to complete this process only once nominating your first site as the delivery address, Please then email us with the site name, address details, contact name and email address of the person ordering for this and any other sites. We'll then create the order accounts and send them their logins etc. Only products selected by you will appear on individual sites order screens.

Payment Terms

All clients must pay for their first order prior to delivery.

After a first delivery and subject to status, multiple operators and independents are invoiced on 'Month End + 28 days' basis. Private clients will be asked to pay by credit card or Pro-forma invoice when completing their order.


We use Creditsafe to when making decisions to offer credit to companies. If you are new company without recent accounts filed at companies house please supply a reference contact where requested below.

A message form John...

Please feel free to contact me at anytime, by any method of communication. We work with a small but particularly nice group of clients and enjoy visiting, helping with events or simply dropping by with a bottle of our latest new wine and keeping up to date with you. Besides, I have never needed much of an excuse to enjoy a glass anyway :)

Sincerely, thank you for your custom and I look forward to seeing you soon.

07769 220955

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