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Casa Do Sol Albariño 2015 Featured Products, White Wine, TIM

Package Size6 x 750ml

“Casa do Sol” wine is based on a reasoned and natural viticulture in which monitoring and work of the vineyard, from pruning to harvest, are of utmost importance. Within the cellar, labour is done with the maximum respect for identity and values of our grapes, applying an intuitive oenology that is scarcely interventionist. After the harvest and bunches selection, both of them done by hand, a cold skin maceration takes place to boost the primary scents found in the grape´s skin. Subsequent fermentation is natural, due to the use of native and owned yeasts.
Our Albariño has an ageing over lees of about ten months, depending on the evolution of the wine of each vintage and its specific characteristics. When reaching it´s optimum peak, the process of bottling begins, being extremely careful to avoid oxidation. Once bottled it is kept in the bottle for the exact time, always pursuing the Excellence of its quality until market placement.

Long-standing Albariño; it is clean, with a pale yellow colour and steely border that denotes youth.
It has lime, citrus fruit, apricot background and fresh peach notes on the nose. Almond flower notes. The call to sea is present, with slight iodized marks that resemble pickle. It has a soft entry in the mouth, but with pronounced minerality; citrus are back…grapefruit, lime; with persistency of bone white fruits.


It pairs very well with all kinds of fish, seafood, soft rice, and non-greasy dishes; very specially with Asian food, and specifically Japanese.
It has to be served at an approximate temperature of 11º